Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick hits from J-town

(Slider in the snow)

Okay, been pretty lousy about updating this blog. Like excuses? No? Too bad. I've got a few. 
But I'll spare you. Mainly, the spring sports season is the busiest for me and I just write too much every day to come on here and write more. 

Anyway, here's what has been going on....

- Jett just fought off a mild case of pneumonia this week. He was pretty out of it Wednesday, but thanks to some antibiotics, he was back to his old self Thursday. Very clingy, but feeling better.

- Jett is doing a lot of cool stuff now. He says a few words all the time, I mean all the time. The funniest thing he does is say "Mama?" or "Dog?," holds his hands out, opens his mouth and has this look of wonder about where they're at. He also notices when there's basketball on TV and says "Ball" while pointing to the tube.

-Shanda's been accepted to grad school at UNCC. She's going to study school counseling. This is something Shanda's thought about for a while and I'm proud she's headed back to class. She's starting this summer.

-My work sidekick, Adam Zuerndorfer, is leaving in a few weeks. He's been accepted to USC (Southern Cal, that is) for graduate school. He's going to study film writing. An unbelievably creative writer, my Jewish bro is going to be big-time. Shanda's already locked in as his first-ever Oscars date. 

-I just finished reading Bob Knight's autobiography. Say what you want about the guy, but he's well-read, intelligent and a dang-good coach. I like him. Now, I'm on The Killer Angels (about Gettysburg) and To Hate Like This is to be Happy Forever (about UNC-Duke rivalry).

All for now....