Monday, November 17, 2008

Catching up

I've been slack updating this, so here are some quick-hits to catch people up on the Parkers.....

-Jett turned one last week. We had 21 people, other than us, at the house last Sunday. That's the most ever. Jett did really well with the crowd, but wasn't interested in his cake. Barely touched it. I'll post some pics soon I promise. Here are two semi-recent ones to do until then.....

-Discovered last week that if I'm going to hunt behind my house, Slider's got to be in her crate. She barked so much last Monday when I went that I got mad, came out of the woods and yanked her inside and into the crate. She knows if I go in the woods (just beyond her fence) that it's for fun. Her favorite thing to do is run through the woods and sniff everything so she feels left out I guess.

-Speaking of hunting, not getting to do it much at all. When I worked in Huntersville, I went probably 20 to 25 times a year. Last year, I went just five times. This year, it may be slightly more than that, but not much.

-I love this time of year, but it also kills me because there's so much I'd rather be doing than working.

-Looking forward to Thanksgiving. I think I'm going to be off about half the week.

-We have one football team left in the playoffs that we're covering. Hibriten's having its best year in a while and could go far. Other than that, I'm spending this week previewing high school hoops.

-Jett did something pretty cool today. He came to me on the couch, grabbed my index finger and led me down the hall. Did it twice.

-Jett ripped our heart out today. We were trying to leave him in the nursery at church, but he was tired and wasn't familiar with the people in there. So he just snatched on to Shanda's leg and wouldn't let go. When we had to leave, he cried his eyes out. Mama came close.

-State's on a roll in football. Well, the Pack beat Duke and Wake. That means they are 3-0 against in-state teams with one to go. It's the big one, too, against Carolina, on Saturday. Win or lose, this year has been one of progress. We're finally getting out of the Amato damage and we have a quarterback in Russell Wilson!