Friday, June 27, 2008

Jett Update

So you've been asking. Now, finally, I deliver.
Below are some updated pics of Jett, the young prodigy. He recently ditched his helmet so he's enjoying life a little more. He's pulling up to the coffee table now, as you'll see in the top two photos. The third pic is Jett with, of course, the lovely Ms. Parker. Both wearing red. Very nice.
In the bottom photo, Jett's manning the cannons on Marye's Heights in Fredericksburg during our recent trip to Virginia. Look closely and you'll notice he's even got a general's glare. Must've gotten that from his mom. ... Seen her version quite a few times.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The helmet is off!

Jett had a big day Thursday.

First, he got good news from the doctor/therapist. His helmet is off!

Jett has completed his time wearing the dynamic orthotic cranioplasty (DOC), better known as the helmet to fix his little misshaped head. He wore it for 8 or 9 weeks. They had originally said 6 to 8. His head's a lot better now and it's great that he's ditching the helmet because the heat has been making him sweat a lot.

So that was a pretty good start to the little prodigy's day, but then he again proved why he's such a phenom. He's already been crawling around like crazy, most of you know that. But recently, he's been trying to pull up to the coffee table. Then today, all of a sudden, he pulled himself all the way up...and stood up! It happened really quickly and Shanda and I just looked at each other in shock. He did it once more before we tracked down the video camera. Then, fittingly, he was too tired to do it again.

All for now. I'm going to be posting more often... I promise. And we'll put some Jett pics on here soon.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello all

I've been wanting to do a blog for a while.
Although, I have to admit, I'm not sure why. I write for a living so it's not like I have a shortage of keyboard time. I guess I wanted to be able to write anything I choose, whenever I want.
And we just upgraded our computer/Internet service so I actually can pull it off now.
In this space, I'll do a little bit of everything, probably talk a lot about my wife Shanda and my son Jett. Also, there should be a lot of sports talk and comments on other things that pique my interest. I like keeping up with athletes I've covered so I'll have some of that on here as well. Maybe an occasional deer picture.
The blog is named for my son...and the mighty (at least I wish they were) Wolfpack.