Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pete was the best

We lost my brother-in-law this week. Pete Spinelli, pictured with my sister Melissa, passed away Sunday.
Pete was 36.
He loved life and loved everyone he met, especially my sister. The two were perfect together, through good and bad.
Pete had an outgoing personality, an infectious laugh and sense of humor and the kindest heart. He will be missed dearly and I was glad, honored really, that Shanda, Jett and I, along with Melissa, Mom and Dad, were nearby when he passed.
We'll always remember him. Not just us either.
The outpouring of support for my sister and the family has been tremendous all week.
You're the man, Pete!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks..He really loved you guys a lot and especially LOVED being an Uncle to Jett!!

Thanks for everything!!