Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Changes

Do I even still have a blog?
You were probably wondering. Well, I should be able to update it a little more often now that my schedule doesn't include only working and sleeping!
Just wanted to update everyone (all 3 or so of you) on the changes going on with Shanda, Jett and myself.
Shanda left her job last Thursday, while I left the next day. No worries. We weren't both just storming out...although we had felt like it for a while.
Shanda started graduate school Tuesday at UNCC (online for now). She's going to be a school counselor when she grows up....if they don't eliminate that! It's something Shanda's wanted to do for a while and I'm so proud of her for going back.
And I start a new job at the Lake Norman Citizen Thursday. It's a new paper in the Huntersville area that will be somewhat similar to the Herald, where I worked for four years prior to the Lenoir duty. I've been named sports editor for the weekly publication and will cover North Meck and Hopewell highs again.
It's a better situation across the board....better hours, closer to home, better pay, more schedule flexibility, all that. It was really a no-brainer to jump. Can you say no more 44-mile commute? I loathe 321 North at this point!
I've felt like a new person this week. I've been trying to change my schedule and it's going well. No more 3AM bedtime, waking up with Jett at 6:30 and going back to bed (that sucked, but it was all I could do). Now, it's more like midnight and get up at 7. It's so much better. And no more late-night drives. Thank the Lord, in two years of crazy hours and long commutes, no incidents!
I've had 5 days off in between to recharge, refocus and try to adjust.
Saturday, I did a bunch of yard work (was happy to do it) and we went to Patterson Farm in China Grove with Shanda's parents. Jett had a blast and it was great for all of us, too. Sunday, we went to church (first time I wasn't fighting fatigue in a while) and to the parents' house for lunch, then back home to do a ton of chores, etc., that had been neglected and couldn't be any more.
Monday, we went to Kings Mountain Battlefield in the edge of SC, near the NC town of the same name. It was a good getaway. We walked the 1.5 mile trail, with Jett sometimes riding in the stroller and sometimes running. It was good. I have to say, I was really proud when he was carrying the National Park Service pamphlet. My little historian! It's not really that far away and since it's a National Park, it's all free.
Tuesday and Wednesday have been about staying home, chasing Jett and letting Shanda start class. Oh, and more things like getting my truck serviced and taking Slider to the vet.
Honestly, this job change came at a great time. I don't know what we would have done if I was still working second shift with her back at school.
Thank you, Lord!

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J-No said...

I'm so glad you came to the Citizen!! I love having you here and it's nice to have someone to pick on!